Chairs and Fellows Initiative

Dag Avango, Co-Director of the Arctic Five, and Head of the Chairs & Fellows initiative.

The aim of this initiative is to establish a new form of bottom-up collaborations in research and education within the Arctic Five network.


The Chairs initiative seeks to stimulate the formation of broader thematic fields for collaboration, cutting across currently established Arctic Five focus areas. In doing so, the Arctic Five partner universities strive to meet the goal of their Joint Arctic Five Agenda, while helping to find research-based solutions to joint problems facing their collective societies.

Each Chair is to be an already established scholar at one of the Arctic Five partner universities, who has ongoing research and / or educational collaborations with other Arctic Five universities, or who aspires to establish such partnerships. This initiative will enable Chairs to build these collaborations by providing support for developing joint projects and with applications for seeking larger funding.

The first call for Chairs will be launched in early December 2021, with nominations publicly announced in the March 2022.

Full details on the call will be provided here and via social media.


The Fellows initiative aims to support emerging scholars’ entry into fields of Arctic research and research cooperation within the Arctic Five. The Fellows are to be junior / early career scholars, who do not yet have collaborations with others Arctic Five partners, but who want to build such collaborations and seek funding for new research or education initiatives.

The Fellows initiative will start in 2022, following the nomination of the first Chairs of the Arctic Five.