Teacher Education

The Arctic Five universities contribute to a better understanding of the contextual and cultural issues of the Nordic educational features via engagement with local communities, indigenous and minority populations, and through institutional and research collaborations. The three main objectives that it aims to execute.

The first objective is to build a concept for collaboration in teacher education as a part of the global Arctic context. The second objective is to map out the expertise of all the partner institutions and share the expertise and best practices. The third objective is to share knowledge between collaboration and curricula. Long-term goal for the area is to establish a virtual resource center and curriculum development towards common Nordic Master programme.

Currently the the aim is to develop a joint online master’s study course (10ECTS) in the field of teacher education. There will also be research concerning teaching methods, contents and students’ learning processes. Experts from all Arctic universities will participate in the project. The project is funded by Nordplus. You can find more information of the project from here.


Tuija Turunen, University of Lapland, tuija.turunen@ulapland.fi
Eva Alerby, Luleå University of Technology, eva.alerby@ltu.se
Marjatta Takala, University of Oulu, marjatta.takala@oulu.fi
Gregor Maxwell, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, gregor.maxwell@uit.no
Björn Norlin, Umeå University, bjorn.norlin@umu.se


Professor Tuija Turunen

Professor Tuija Turunen

Dean Faculty of Education
University of Lapland
Rovaniemi, Finland
+35840 484 4124


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