Research Collaboration

In addition to stimulating cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary research and education, we aim to coordinate and share our research infrastructure and jointly develop state of the art innovation systems to support business development. Close dialogue with national and regional agencies, local authorities and indigenous communities, as well as an ambition to excel at outreach, are other cornerstones of our collaboration.

Chairs & Fellows

The aim of this initiative is to establish a new form of bottom-up collaborations in research and education within the Arctic Five network. Our inaugural group of 15 Arctic Five Chairs was appointed on March 31, 2022. Here you can find out more about their respective projects.

Focus Areas

Arctic Five collaborations are developed within and across the key focus areas of Energy, Health and Well-being, Mining, Regional development, Teacher education, and issues relating to the Sápmi / Indigenous people.


Arctic Five Journal is coming
A new multidisciplinary Journal for Arctic Research is being developed by the Arctic Five
15 Arctic Five Chairs appointed
The Arctic Five partner universities are pleased to announce the appointment of fifteen Chairs to the alliance – all of whom are highly ranked scholars from across the human, social, …
Call for Chairs – Deadline Extension
The Call for Chairs submission deadline for applications has been extended until January 22nd, 2022.
The Arctic Five cities and COVID-19 pandemic – Return to workplaces
A newly released report examine whether people have returned to their workplaces or if remote work still the general trend in the cities of Oulu, Rovaniemi, Luleå, Umeå and Tromsø.
Call for Chairs 2021 – Deadline closed / Evaluation process in progress
An Arctic Five Chair is an already established scholar at an Arctic Five university, with either recent or ongoing research and/or educational collaborations with other Arctic Five partner universities, or …
Interaction of research and education in Universities’ cross-border cooperation
On this online event we will discuss about the ongoing policy process on the synergies of ERA and EEA and what we can learn from the long-standing university cooperation where …
Ecology, Oceans and Climate in the Arctic
Popular science lunch lecture on ecology, sea and climate in the Arctic.