Research Collaboration

The Arctic Five universities form a comprehensive research alliance that comprises thousands of researchers, many of them standing at the forefront of their respective academic fields.

Cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary research is being stimulated in different ways within the Arctic Five consortium, the most recent and extensive effort being our Chairs and Fellows initiative.

Another cornerstone of our research collaboration is the close dialogue with national and regional agencies, local authorities and indigenous communities. The Arctic Five also have an ambition to excel at outreach and to lead the way by negotiating and communicating a shared understanding of the desired future of the Arctic.

Arctic Five Chairs

The Arctic Five Chairs will be key figures in a collective effort to address common challenges facing the Arctic region. The universities are making a strategic commitment to establish new forms of bottom-up collaboration between scholars, bridging institutional and national borders.

Arctic Five chair inProject
Sámi and Indigenous Peoples LawChristina AllardDynamics of land use tensions in the Scandinavian Arctic
Healthy Ageing and One HealthAnastasia EmelyanovaResearching healthy ageing and age-friendly communities
Feminist STSMervi HeikkinenFeminisms, Epistemes and Techno-Sciences – Contributing for more-than Human in the Arctic 
Security StudiesGunhild Hoogensen GjörvThe Civilian Effect
GlaciologyAlun HubbardArctic Rainmaker
Just Green TransitionTanja JoonaJust green transformation
ArchaeologyMalcolm LillieIn Situ Preservation in a Changing Environment
Inclusive and Equitable EducationGregor MaxwellDigital Inclusive Arctic Education DIAEd
Indigenous StudiesTorjer OlsenWorking together – Sámi and Indigenous studies across the borders
Sociology of WorkKarolina PardingHot as Hell – Sustainable Skills Supply Strategies as Key to Structural Transformation of the Labour Market in the Arctic 
Occupational MedicineHans PettersonOccupational Health Challenges and Solutions in the Arctic and subarctic regions 
Environmental HistoryJanina PriebeArctic futures through the lens of global sustainability transformation
Tourism and Climate EmergencyOuti RantalaRethinking tourism in climate emergency
Architecture and PlanningAgatino RizzoSmart and Sustainable Arctic Towns: aligning top-down and bottom-up urban sustainability in the Arctic
Sámi HealthMiguel San SebastiánSámi dearvvasvuođa fierpmádat”: establishing a Sámi Health Network (SámiHNet) in Sápmi

Arctic Five Fellows

The Arctic Five Fellows initiative aims to support emerging scholars’ entry into fields of Arctic research and research cooperation. The first Call for Fellows is planned for late 2022. Read more about the upcoming call

Thematic Areas

Arctic Five collaborations are developed within and across the key focus areas of Energy, Health and Well-being, Mining, Regional development, Teacher education, and issues relating to the Sápmi / Indigenous people.

Teacher Education

Engagement with local communities, indigenous and minority populations for better understanding of nordic educational features.


Possibilities and barriers for sustainable renewable energy for both reduced climate change and a strengthened circular economy.

Health & Well-being

Global warming of the Arctic affects health and well being of people living in the Arctic region.


Mining and exploration in the Arctic provide both opportunities and challenges.
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Regional development

The regions of the Arctic Five universities are critical to the status of European Arctic, its reputation, promotion and marketability.

Sápmi / Indigenous issues

The main focus of this area is preparing for the establishment of a cross-border PhD school in Sámi and Indigenous studies.


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