Organizational structure

The Rectors’ Council is the highest decision-making body, providing strategic leadership. The council appoints a Director of the Arctic Five who reports to the Rectors’ Council.

The Director is located in the Arctic Five partner university hosting the Secretariat of the Arctic Five for a 2-year period (rotating between partners).  The Director manages the coordination of collaborations within the Arctic Five, and arranges meetings of the Rectors’ Council and the Executive Team. In addition the Director chairs meetings of the Executive Team, coordinates with the Working Groups, and liaises with the Students’ Team

The Executive Team is the main steering body of the Arctic Five and facilitates the work and takes appropriate actions in accordance with the Arctic Five Bylaws, partners policies and decisions of the Rector’s Council. The Executive Team also serves as primary contact point for Arctic Five related issues, both within and between Partners.

The Co-Director of the Arctic Five is also appointed by the Rectors’ Council and supports the Director in the coordination of collaborations. The main operative work is carried out in Working Groups and if required within targeted Task Force settings.

Each Arctic Five partner university has one seat on the Rectors’ Council, reserved for the Rector / Vice-Chancellor, or an appointed deputy.

Rectors Council members:

The Executive Team consists of twelve members, two from each Arctic Five partner university, and two student representatives from the Student Team.

Executive Team members:

From the University of Lapland

Osmo Rätti

Harri Malinen

From Umeå University

Dieter Müller

Peter Sköld

From Luleå University of Technology

Catherine Nordberg

Marlen Aasa-Chapman

Dag Avango

From the University of Oulu

Kirsi Latola

Arja Rautio

From UiT-The Arctic University of Norway

Kathrine Tveiterås

Sigrid Ag

From the Arctic Five – Student’s Team

Viljo Vuorimäki, Rovaniemi

Robin Johansen, Tromsø

Hanna Trennsby, Luleå, dep.

Iikka Kokkoniemi, Oulu, dep.

Student participation is organized through the Students’ Team, which consists of ten members, two from each Arctic Five partner university.

Students’ Team members:

From the University of Lapland

Viljo Vuorimäki, Vice-Chair and Executive Team representant

Krista Perälä

From Umeå University

Samuel Sahlin, Chair and Rectors’ Council representant

William Nordberg

Victor Holmström

From Luleå University of Technology

Hanna Trennsby, Dep. Executive Team representant

Simon Johnsson, PR Manager

From the University of Oulu

Iikka Kokkoniemi, Dep. Executive Team representant

Lotta Ellonen

From UiT-The Arctic University of Norway

Robin Johansen, Executive Team representant

Jonas Toft

The Secretariat consists of the Director, Co-Director, and Web & Communication support.

Secretariat representatives:

Dag Avango, Director

Jan Gunnar Winther, Co-director

Communications manager, currently vacant