Geopolitics: One Arctic or two?

Timo Koivurova, Research Professor at Arctic Centre at University of Lapland, and Marc Lanteigne, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Tromsø, discuss in a recently published article the consequences of the Ukraine conflict on Arctic collaboration. Russia represents almost half of the Arctic region, but several Arctic partnerships have shown their dissatisfaction withContinue reading “Geopolitics: One Arctic or two?”

Rebirth of a Student Team

In Tromsø last month three student unions from the Arctic Five universities, gathered for the first time in a long time. Student co-operation within the Arctic Five is implemented through the Student Team. The pandemic has affected the Student Team’s activity but now they finally had the opportunity to meet face to face in Tromsø.Continue reading “Rebirth of a Student Team”

Inaugural Call for Chairs a success!

In response to the first call for Arctic Five Chairs, a total of 36 applications were received from candidates coming from all Arctic Five partner universities. Applications from eligible candidates will now be assessed by an Evaluation Board comprised of a representative from each of the Arctic Five partner universities, and two representatives from outsideContinue reading “Inaugural Call for Chairs a success!”

Steering towards a sustainable future

In the first of Nordregio’s three Localising Agenda 2030 webinars; How to integrate SDGs and navigate goal conflicts at the local level will take place on February 3, 2022, between 1 PM and 2:30 PM (CET) Programme The Localising Agenda 2030 webinars welcome local officials and civil society networks across the Nordics that work activelyContinue reading “Steering towards a sustainable future”