About the Arctic Five

In times of change and increasing globalisation, the world is showing a growing interest in the beautiful, vulnerable and resource-rich Arctic region. By joining forces within the framework of the Arctic Five, a partnership between UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University, The University of Lapland and The University of Oulu, aims to lead the way in Arctic issues. Together the five universities form an alliance that will advance and share knowledge, education and innovations for the development of our region and a sustainable Arctic.

Our combined and complementary strengths in education, research and innovation make us a strong knowledge hub and together we make our voices heard in the global Arctic arena. We promote a responsible and sustainable use of Arctic assets, and work for the development of thriving business communities, and guide sustainable societal development.

In addition to stimulating cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary research and education, we aim to coordinate and share our research infrastructure and jointly develop state of the art innovation systems to support business development. Close dialogue with national and regional agencies, local authorities and indigenous communities, as well as an ambition to excel at outreach, are other cornerstones of our collaboration.

The Arctic Five collaboration is developing within the key areas of mining, renewable energy, health and well-being, education, regional development and issues relating to Sápmi/indigenous people.