The Arctic Five at ASSW

Dag Avango and Harri Malinen from The Arctic Five Secretariat
Dag Avango, Co-Director, and Harri Malinen, Director of the Arctic Five presented the the network and explained the goals and the organization setup along with some history of the collaboration network.

Today The Arctic Five presented at the ASSW, Arctic Science Summit Week 2023, in Vienna, Austria. The focus is on the change and the green tradition that is happening in the area, and the challenges and opportunities connected to that. 

The Arctic Five has the capacity to produce the needed knowledge with strong infrastructures for research since its start in September 2026 (as a joint agenda). Today the focus is on collaboration formats in the form of Charis and Fellows, with possibilities of funding for building collaborations and assistance in grants writing among other things. 

Three chairs presented their projects and the editor in chief presented the Journal of Northern Studies. 

Tanja Joona, Arctic Five Chair in Just Green Transition
Tanja Joona, presented her project “Arctic Terra Nullius and (Just) Green Transition. She pointed out that there is a lack of knowledge of the real everyday life of people living in the Nordic Arctic amongst decision makers
Janina Priebe, Arctic Five Chair in environmental history
Janina Priebe talked about Power in the periphery – Past and present visions of large-scale energy infrastructure. She explained how there seems to be space and recourses for clean energy in the Arctic – but also it seems the idea is to procedure locally and use it somewhere else.
Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, Arctic Five Chair in Security Studies
Gunhild Hoogensen Gjörv, Arctic Five Chair in Security Studies, joined us online and spoke of the important security issues in the Arctic region.
Olle Sundström, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Northern Studies
Olle Sundström, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Northern Studies, spoke of the need for a journal that cross disciplines and focus on humans – our actions and how we are effected by the actions happening in the Arctic.

You can find both Chairs and the secretariat present at the ASSW in Vienna this week. 

The secretariat of The Arctic Five
The secretariat of The Arctic Five, (from the left) Director Harri Malinen, Communications Manager Anngelica Kristoferqvist, and Co-Director Dag Avango, is in Vienna this week. Come and talk to us

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