2023 Call for Arctic Five Fellows is open

Arctic Five invites application for Arctic Five Fellow nominations, deadline for proposals is March 17, 2023
The Arctic Five is a partnership between Luleå University of Technology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Umeå University, the University of Lapland, and the University of Oulu, whom together aim to lead the way on key Arctic issues. Through this alliance we seek to advance and share knowledge, develop education, and create innovations for the advancement of our region and for a sustainable Arctic.
A New Initiative

The Arctic Five fellows is a part of the Arctic Five’s flagship initiative, the Chairs & Fellows, which is a new format for collaboration within the Arctic Five, built on scholars with the will and capacity to build alliances that develop cooperation in research and education. , The overarching aim of the initiative is to improve the success of Arctic Five universities in securing external funding, and in this way, help meet our goal in finding research-based solutions to joint problems facing our northern societies.

The call for Arctic Five Fellows is aimed at early career scholars at the Arctic five universities – PhD students and post-docs – who want to contribute to the aims of the Arctic Five by building research collaborations within the Arctic five, based on research they are engaged in.

More information on the Fellows call: Full call text (pdf) and visit the Fellows call page

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