Arctic Five Fellows pre-call announcement

December 15, 2022

Arctic Five will launch its Pilot call for Arctic Five Fellows at the Arctic Five Website (The Arctic Five) on January 27, 2023. The foreseen deadline for proposal submissions (via email, details will be issued in the official call launch) is March 17, 2023.

For whom: We will invite proposals from all academic disciplines in two Fellows categories: 1) Junior Arctic Five Fellows, who are mature state PhD students (+2 years into their PhD research) registered to an Arctic Five Institution and 2) Senior Arctic Five Fellows, that are Postdoctoral graduates in the early stages of their research career (1-4 years from obtaining their PhD Degree) employed or affiliated to an Arctic Five University.

What we offer: We are looking to nominate a minimum of 10 Arctic Five Fellows in the 2023 pilot call. A Fellow is a 12-month nomination starting on September 1, 2023, working on their own Fellow project (i.e., their already ongoing PhD or Post-doc project). If possible, we will link the Fellows Projects to current Arctic Five Chairs network (Research Collaboration – The Arctic Five), in order to create possibilities for networking within the Arctic Five universities and beyond. We also offer support from the Arctic Five Secretariat. Moreover, each Arctic Five Fellow will receive 3000-5000 Euros funding for travel and networking from their home institution.

What is expected: Submit your application with two attachments: 1) a sound Arctic Five related research project proposal with a clear aim and outputs 2) supported by an academic sponsor (letter of reference/support from PhD supervisor or a merited academic) by the deadline (March 17, 2023). Applications with clear added value, i.e., linkages with ongoing Chairs Projects or other researchers in Arctic Five universities, will be considered favourably. Each Fellow is expected to participate and contribute to an international Academic conference and an Arctic Five Chairs and Fellows conference during the Fellow period.

The Arctic Five Fellow nomination cannot be used as a basis for a new employment contract nor for external recruitment, as the nomination itself does not entail salary compensations nor requires dedicated work time allocation.

For more information Chairs and Fellows Initiatives – The Arctic Five or please contact

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