Arctic Five Chair in Architecture and Planning

Agatino Rizzo

Portrait of Agatina Rizzo, Arctic Five Chair in Architecture and Planning.
Agatino Rizzo

Agatino Rizzo is a Professor of Architecture at Luleå University of Technology

The Arctic Five Chair will be an invaluable opportunity to get access to a prestigious network of scholars, institutions, and stakeholders that will enable me to develop further my studies in urban sustainability in the Arctic region

Smart and Sustainable Arctic Towns: aligning top-down and bottom-up urban sustainability in the Arctic

Agatino Rizzos project focus is two fold: study the (top-down) implementation of smart and sustainable urban projects (e.g. national, regional, municipal); and the (bottom-up), inhabitants-led urban sustainability initiatives (e.g., sharing mobility, etc.). 

The project plan is divided into four steps:

Desktop studies and GIS DBStep 1
FieldworkStep 2
Setting and running Urban Living LabStep 3
Finalization and Spin-offsStep 4

It is time to look at the Arctic as an urbanized region, i.e. a region with its specific forms of modern living but, at the same time, with social and climate challenges that are similar to those found in other denser populated areas of the globe

More information can be found at

The state of Swedish northern cities and their future
Arctic Five Chair Agatino Rizzo was invited to a panel discussion within the conference “Stad i norr” held on August 19

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