Arctic Five Chair in Sociology of Work

Karolina Parding

Portrait of Karolina Parding, Arctic Five Chair in Sociology of Work
Karolina Parding

Karolina Parding, is a Professor at Luleå University of Technology.

To be an Arctic Five Chair means a great opportunity for developing closer collaboration with old and new colleagues within the Arctic Region as a way of making a difference in our beautiful and booming North.

Hot as Hell – Sustainable Skills Supply Strategies as Key to Structural Transformation of the Labour Market in the Arctic 

Karolina Parding’s project as Arctic Five Chair seeks to answer the question of what successful local community/municipality attraction strategies can be identified in terms of attracting new individuals and families to the Arctic region, as well as retaining existing ones.

Arctic Five Chair Colleagues

Emma Lundholm
Associate Professor and lecturer in Human Geography, at Umeå University

Birgit Abelsen
Professor in Health Service Research, at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Further down you can read about Karolina’s other projects. Are you interested in these subjects and want to collaborate? Contact Karolina through the information at the bottom of this page.


Parding, K; Ek Styvén, M; Lindström, F & Näppä, A (2023). Workplace learning in transient workplaces – the tourism and hospitality industry in the Arctic region. Journal of workplace learning.

Parding, K; Ejdemo, T & Skeppar-Huuva, E (2023). Rekryteringsbehov och utbildningsutbud till och med 2030. Report. Luleå: Länsstyrelsen/Region Norrbotten

Parding, K & Lindberg, L (2022). Kompetensförsörjningsanalys arbetsmarknadsregionen Boden-Luleå. LTU: Luleå. Download PDF here

Ejdemo, T & Parding, K (2018). 51 000 anställningar i Norrbotten till och med 2030. Report. Luleå: Länsstyrelsen.  Link to report

Parding, K; Ejdemo T; Skeppar Huuva E (2022). Rekryteringsbehov och utbildningsutbud till och med 2030. Report. Luleå: Region Norrbotten Download PDF here

Funded Research Projects

Employment Value Proposition in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Incorporating a Place Attractiveness Perspective (2022-2023). 
Funded by NorrlandsNavet
Maria Ek Styvén is main applicant, and I am co-applicant. We will look at the location’s importance in attracting, recruiting and retaining employees in tourism and the hospitality industry.

Skills-supply analysis for Luleå kommun & Boden kommun (2021)

Regional renewal; Recruitment needs and educational needs (2021)
Funded by Länsstyrelsen, region Norrbotten and Luleå University
A follow-up project together with Thomas Ejdemo, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, LTU.

Kompetent, kunnig och stolt: Lärande som varumärkeslöfte i besöksnäringen. (2020)
Funded by BFUF (Besöksnäringens forsknings- och utvecklingsfond)
The project is interdisciplinary and Professor Maria Ek Styvén is the main applicant.  I look at conditions for learning in the hospitality industry in The Arctic North, and the results show that for employers to organize for learning is difficult based on the skills supply problem we are in the middle of. No journal article is available yet.

Radio features

Intervju om kompetensförsörjningsfrågan i norra Sverige, interview for P4 Norrbotten (2022-10-31)

”Större rörlighet på arbetsmarknaden oroar arbetsgivare”, interview for P4 Norrbotten (2021-11-22), also broadcasted in Ekot, P1, (2021-11-23)

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