NSPA Forum 2022

Welcome to the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas (NSPA) Forum on March 24-25, 2022 at The Great Northern in Skellefteå. Registration is now open.

Focus for the forum will be on strengthening the cooperation in the northernmost of Europe to the benefit of all Europe. The regions of the NSPA are in the frontline for the green industrial transition. We deliver resources for the European electrification and bioeconomy and provide an overall unique innovation system in the European Arctic.

Invited guests and workshops will focus on our areas of opportunities to grow together and deliver sustainable development in the EU. During the days in Skellefteå we will have a great conference reception in Sara Culture house, the tallest wooden building in Europa, and have opportunity to visit the location for the new world leading battery factory, Northvolt.

Preliminary program

Thursday, March 24

9:30—12:30 Study Visit

At Northvolt Battery Plant in Skellefteå, followed by a “mini work-shop” on tackling the need of the northernmost regions to attract skilled work-force and potential collaboration in the NSPA regions on this.

12:00 Lunch

At the Great Northern

13:00 Welcome to the NSPA Forum

Presentations from the four Working Groups on NSPA potentials for the EU

13:30 Arctic Resources – Bioeconomy

Working group 1

14:00 Arctic Resources – Minerals

Working group 2

14:30 Arctic Advantages

Working group 3

15:00 Fika
15:30 Arctic Attractiveness

Working group 4

16:00 Summing up

Discussion of the presentations and NSPA common work ahead

16:30 Arctic Investment Platform to deliver investments in the NSPA

Presenting of the market study made on NSPA by the European Investment Fund (EIF)

17:30 End of the Day
17:30 NSPA Steering Committee meeting

(for SC members)

19:00 Dinner

At The Wood Hotel, Sara Culture House, one of the tallest timber buildings in the world, with an introduction about the building.

Friday 25 March

8:00 Take-Aways from Day 1
8:15 The new EU Arctic policy for the European Arctic and NSPA regions
9:00 OECD on a NSPA follow-up study supported by EU Commission DG Reform
9:30 Fika
10:00 Dialogue on the forming of the, by EU, granted NSPA common OECD project

To support regional growth capacity building

11:00 Summing-Up and End of the Forum (with adoption of positions)
11:30 Walking Lunch

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