Rectors council approves University of Lapland as host for Arctic Five secretariat for next 2 year

On Friday March 5, 2021 Arctic Five Rector’s council came together online with representatives from all five universities for a MS-TEAMS meeting. Student representation was also present for the first time in decision making role.

Rector’s Council decided that the Arctic Five research university cooperation will develop over the next two years under the leadership of the University of Lapland. The University of Lapland is responsible for the Arctic Five Secretariat and cooperation that began in 2016 with the leadership of four Arctic research universities signing a Joint Arctic Agenda declaration. The signatory universities were the University of Lapland, the Norwegian Arctic University (UiT), the University of Oulu and Luleå University of Technology (LTU). In 2017, the signatories were joined by the University of Umeå (UMU).

Rectors council approved the Arctic Five By-Laws, thus confirming the adaptation of the first by-laws and consolidating the past 4,5 years of joint efforts and development. Adopted By-Laws describe the partnership structure, governance and commitment of the Arctic Five collaboration.

Rectors council also appointed Senior Expert Harri Malinen from University of Lapland as the Director and Professor Dag Avango and the co-director of Arctic Five. In addition, Rector’s Council approve Umeå University to take on the responsibility of the arctic five website and communication development.

Rectors Council will convene next time in October 2021, as then Arctic Five’s operations will be specified in detail with the help of the Arctic Five strategic guideline and the 4-year plan implementing it.  A new initiative called Arctic Five Chairs and Fellows implementation plan will be also presented for decision, as it is developed during the spring and summer of 2021.

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